The DecoColor version is available for different products. For our range of façade panels we offer a DecoColor version with our 40 mm thick panel with 7 layers. In product range of Multi wall sheets we offer a DecoColor version with Multi wall sheets from 6 mm to 20 mm thickness.

DecoColor means that one outer layer is differently coloured than inside layers. For our panel 2540-7 we offer the colour combination Heatbloc S and opal as a standard combination, this means that no minimum quantity is applied. In this version one outer layer is coloured in Heatbloc S and the remaining six inner layers are coloured in opal.

Brand new are our frosted colours which have a mat surface. They give our DecoColor panels PC 2540-7 a distinctive elegance. For more information and inspiration please ask for our colour sample box for frosted and pastel colours.

For Multi wall sheets the DecoColor version with Heatbloc is very popular. Multi wall sheets are often used for roofing constructions because Heatbloc can reduce significantly heat accumulation in a building, this makes our DecoColor version first choice.

The DecoColor version for façade applications is very popular when customers wish a building with opaque look from outside view but inside a building glare free light shall be created. Additional integration of LED lightings makes a façade look even more special and gives an aesthetic view to a building. Take a look at different credentials and get some inspirations from various Rodeca projects. Create your own projects and try customized ideas in colours! We’ll be happy to advise you!