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Colour is life. Colour your life.

Polycarbonate can form facades with great visual impact, its effect is not only external. The material lets light pass into the interior of the building and distributes it evenly, generating highly luminous and bright spaces. This effect is intensified when coloured pieces are used, since the tint has a direct effect on the environment, achieving enchanting atmospheres.



Colours set an example. Simply try it.

This building gives you the option to colour its polycarbonate façade to suit your taste. You can choose from ten different colours, so you have the opportunity to let all of them work on you.

We want to stimulate your imagination and inspire your creativity. We have a large number of products with a wide variety of colouring options, so that unfortunately the possibilities cannot be reproduced realistically.

Also take a look at our picture gallery highlights and LBE projects where you can let other realized projects have an effect on you. Our employees are always happy to help you with your plans and projects by phone and email.

We are proud of half a century of transparent building materials.

Founded on February 8th, 1971 as Rodeca Schneider GmbH, we are now after 50 years, in 2021 one of the leading manufacturers of translucent building materials. Our production facility is in Muelheim an der Ruhr and we are at home all over the world with our products. Our special thanks for half a century of translucent building materials goes to all employees and customers who have made this possible with their commitment, creativity and competence. We are already looking forward to the next five decades.

Take a look at our latest video right here, in which we take a short but impressive look back at 50 years of Rodeca.

Our diversity

Our variety of polycarbonate facade and roof products is quite impressive. Even more countless ideas that have already been implemented. We produce and deliver the solutions for your project ideas. In colour, for new buildings or renovations, highly insulating and full of natural daylight. When do you plan with us?

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Taking sustainability a step further

We encounter as kind of a prejudice that our products cannot be sustainable at all. Plastic material has such a deep impact to the world of every individual and has drawn so much constant negative attention that it is really difficult to break away from this generalization. Fact is that we produce translucent building materials that remain many years part of an overall construction and then they still do not have to be automatically disposed of.

The producer of translucent facades and roofing systems has already put a stamp on architecture in several areas of the world.

Diversity and quality are what characterises the product range of Rodeca: whether transparent construction elements for the wall, roof and facade design, the design series for colourful highlights, or complete system solutions from modular elements – building contractors, planners and architects invariably profit from our product range.

Our Highlights

Project of the month
Three cable railway stations en route to “cloud grove”

The facades of the cable railway stations named “Gardens of the world“ and “Kienbergpark“ are on the two long sides glazed with Rodeca tongue and groove panels type PC 2550-10 in opal colour.

The milky white colour tone arranges for a pleasant light diffusion inside the half-open building. It integrates smoothly into the closer environment without being obtrusive. For both cable railway station approx. 1100m² of panels have been installed and afterwards decorated with foil lettering.

Railway concept is a direct connection by monocable from the start in Berlin Hellersdorf at Kienbergpark station and westwards from the IGA area arranged station gardens of the world in Berlin Marzahn.  The cable railway is divided into two sections and has an interstation at Kienbergplateau.

The station buildings have been developed from a superior concept which summarizes all three stations thematically. The constructions of the cable railway shall integrate into the environmental context.  From this assumption the draft of a green wave which grows out of the ground and which thanks to the roof greening flows over the station building and makes it this way to a part of the landscape.  


The targeted use of colored panels gives each building a distinctive character.

Product version BiColor is exclusively available for our 40 mm panel with four layers. BiColor means the inner layer of a panel is differently coloured than the three outer layers. Through that special colouring colour appears three-dimensional, lighting effects vary depending on day light and perspective.

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Whether as stage setting, as display advertisement, for stand constructions or partition walls - there are barely limits for ideas.

As a matter of course our products are not only suitable for outside use. Especially in the field of interior design and application our products offer a wide scope for creativity and art.

A wide range of colours and products gives plenty options for creative freedom. All our façade products are suitable for usage in interior design projects as well.

Where can I use Rodeca products?
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