German Hugo-Häring-award 2011 goes to Melanchthoncentre in Freiburg

The enhancement of the established parish hall in Haslach, Germany through a new building with office and helpdesk spaces was awarded with the Hugo-Häring price from the German association of Architects (BDA), local association Freiurg Breisgau Hochschwarzwald.


This means that this particular project will be in the selection for the Hugo-Häring federal Award elected in October 2012 from the National association. This prize is awarded since 1969 every three years to architects and constructors for their joint work. We are pleased that we have been able to fulfil the demands with our translucent building element 2550-10 (building width 495mm, thickness 50mm, 10-walled, temperature resistant from minus 40° to plus 115° C long term performance and an U-value from 0,80 to 0,88 W/m²K depending on the installation situation). The new building serves as centre for citizen’s deliberation for the city of Freiburg and was already completed in April 2010. Through the reduction onto the materials wood, glass and polycarbonate panels the building distinguishes itself through unostentatious elegance and clear structure. This project emphasizes again versatility and flexibility of our products and how they can be successfully integrated into varying building concepts. And when will you start planning with Rodeca?