Transparent construction element for the largest hangar in Asia

In March 2008 a new hangar was opened on the Olympia airport in Beijing. With an area of about 38,000 m2 the hangar has space for jumbo jets such as the new Airbus A380. The excellent characteristics of our panels where safety, stability, weight, light penetration and thermal insulation are concerned made Rodeca the first choice for planning and building various facade and roof elements.

Safety is the highest priority for smoke and heat extractors in hangars. The ventilation system integrated in one shed roof and the entire control system were planned and installed by Rodeca. The 6-shell panel 1540-6 with a wall thickness of 40 mm was used as the transparent element in the ventilation flaps. The Orient surfacing ensures optimal UV protection. It's installed here as a co-extruded protective layer on the outside that stops UV rays and simultaneously offers optimal light penetration.

The large-area sliding doors (350 x 27 m) are made of Rodeca panels too. The transparent construction elements in the sliding doors were very quickly installed on site in the frames. Other facade parts are also made of Rodeca panels. Their long service life, good thermal insulation and economy were decisive in choosing this material