Impressive façade design for the new multifunctional arena in Zagreb

Right on time for the opening of the Handball World-Cup in December 2008, Zagreb opened its new multifunctional arena, which also hosted the final. This multifunctional arena provides space for up to 20,000 visitors. The building complex also provides a training hall and a restaurant.

The Zagreb designers decided to use the UPI-2M multifunctional panel (MFP 2610-4 opal-antiglare color) by Rodeca for the all-round glazing of the 6,800 m2 transparent facade. The dome-shaping of the MFP did not require any elaborate frame-system as an underlying construction. The co-extruded UV-protective coating blocks damaging UV-rays and provides non-glare lighting of the interior.

The interior walls used additionally approx. 1,000 m2 40 mm thick panels. This makes MFP and the ultra impact-resistant polycarbonate panels from a constructive and economical view the ideal construction element for:

- the energy efficient glazing of roof and wall construction of sports arenas
- unsupported frameless roof light systems
- saddle and shed roof glazing
- façade insulation of large area facades

To achieve sophisticated colored façade concepts the polycarbonate panels can be manufactured in a variety of colors.