Magic Panels for Asian Design Centre

In November 2009 Bangkok opened the largest design centre in Asia. The "Crystal Design Center" (CDC) made of nine avant-garde styled buildings. The 93,000 m2 usable area houses over 300 design businesses, several conference facilities, design studios, libraries and restaurants.

The façade design represents a new architectural concept. The diverse lighting scenarios during night and day have been applied effectively. At daytime the buildings create the ambience of a state-of-art office construction. Using differently colored panels at nighttime the ambience is urban with a tropical flair. The different colors of the façades leave a unique impression and facilitate finding your way around the building.

The main idea of this façade concept is construction elements that are translucent. The façade uses approx. 15,000 m2 of the PC1540-4 panel from the BI-COLOR design series, meaning that the inside shell of the panel has a different color to the outside. The coloring of the inside shell with a special color pigment creates a variety of three-dimensional lighting effects, depending on the daylight and viewing angle.

The panels are finished with a special HEATBLOC-coating to reduce air-conditioning costs. A special pigment coating on the outside will reflect sunlight, reducing the heat absorption inside. This protective layer also stops damaging UV-rays.

The CDC is a further example that a façade does not just protect the building, but can also fulfill a function, e.g. to create a different lighting ambience in- and outside or can be a transparent heat insulation to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency. Many designers already use these product characteristics to design modern facades.

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