German architecural prize for a bike station

Due to the innovative architectural concept, the architectural studio Osterwold-Schmidt has been arwarded with the "Thüringian award to promote the culture of buildings" for a new bike station, which was opened in 2009 at the ICE high speed train station in Erfurt.

Two basement levels provide the bike station space for about 260 bicycles. The ground floor houses a service shop, a snack service, and an office.

The translucent facade for the 70 m long, 6 m wide and up to 8 m high building was made entirely with the high-insulating ten wall panel PC 2550-10 IsoClear from Rodeca. The outer shell was partially glued with adhesive foil ornaments and motifs in gold and silver. The panels are made of polycarbonate and have maximum possible thermal insulation and weather resistance at all temperatures.

By the use of translucent panels interesting lighting effects can be achieved. Especially in the train station environment, the bike station causes an architectural appreciation.

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