Our popular Rodeca colour sample box has grown

Since many year our Rodeca colour sample box is a proven and popular resource to showcase colouring of translucent building materials.

This box (s. left box above) contains 30 different colours and is frequently used to make a preselection for coloured translucent building materials.

The new supplementary colour sample box contains a completely new range of 20 colours in frosted and pastel tones. (s. right box above).

Our frosted colours

The special surface of the frosted colours gives the translucent building elements an extremely elegant appearance and the colours are rich and vibrant. At the same time, the frosted colours - in comparison to the standard - are characterized by a lower surface reflection.

Pastel tones for discreet colour accents

Especially for our Design Series pastel shades are a very good choice. You get delicate colour accents without having to worry too much about the colour impact. The influence of colour to the day light quality is minimized.

Frosted or pastel tones?

The difference between the two types becomes very clear in below picture.  Despite the less intensce colours of pastel tone samples the material reflects due to its nature. The matt/frosted colours, on the other hand, have hardly any reflection.

You do not know our colour sample boxes yet? No problem, just contact us and we will send you one.