Gym and school under one roof

The sports centre in Koprivnica (Croatia) completed in 2007 has space for 2,500 visitors in the modern gym.

There's also a school for up to 900 pupils in the imposing building. In designing the interior the STUDIO UP architectural practice, which has won several international prizes, placed great emphasis on consistency and the visual effect of the facade and roof elements. The multi-function MFP 2625-5 panel was used for roof glazing (approximately 4,600 m2) and facade cladding (approximately 2,500 m2). The panels are made of polycarbonate and have maximum possible weather resistance at all temperatures. The coextruded protective layer (HEATBLOC) on the exterior ensures that heat is reflected and thus reduces interior heating up. UV rays are also absorbed by this coating. The 5-layer panel design yields a U-value of 1.2, which equates to optimal thermal insulation.