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» » » » 2610-4 and 2540-4 Multi Function Arena Zagreb

Multi Function Arena Zagreb

Rodeca delivered the impressive facade cladding construction for the Multifunctional arena in Zagreb, Croatia. In December 2008 the Handball World Cup was held there and punctually for grant opening the Arena was ready. The finals of the World Cup took place there. For sports and cultural events the arena provides space for up to 20,000 visitors. One gym and a restaurant are also part of the building complex. For overall glazing of 6,800m² a planning bureau has decided for Rodeca Multi function panel 2610-4 in opal colour. Through its integrated coupling no expensive glazing bar system with back construction was necessary. A coextruded UV protection layer blocks harming UV radiation and makes glare free daylight possible in the interior area. The inside façade construction was glazed with approx. 1000m² of our panel 2540-4.