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Multi Function Panels

Rodeca Multi Function Panels are suitable for translucent roofing applcations for internal and external spaces, for both flat and curved applications. Light weight, high insulation and high impact properties provide an extremely weather resistant roofing solution. The absence of glazing bars and minimal use of alloy components creates an almost seam free, economical interior finish.

Rodeca Multi Function Panels are the ideal solution to introduce natural daylight into large or small interior/exterior covered spaces.These systems provide flexible solution for roofing and canopies of various sizes and shape. Combined with its light weight, high thermal properties, impact resistance and ease of installation they are an economical daylight solution.

Our MFP are manufacturable from thicknesses of 3mm to maximum 25mm. The building width varies depending on product from 250mm to 600mm.
Multifunction panels are suitable for all kinds of application. Due to the optional* both side UV-Coextrusion the panels are suitable for roofing (minimum pitch > 5°) as well as facades whick makes them – like the product name already reveals - „multifunctional“. Our range of proven accessories and perimeter frame profiles makes versatile, safe and economic installation possible.


  • quick and easy installation
  • translucent
  • heat insulating
  • high temperature resistance
  • versatile designing in shape, colour and function
  • good long term performance through UV protection
  • 200 times thougher than glass
  • shatter proof


  • Roofing construction
  • Sports and industrial halls
  • Canopies
  • Roof lights - flat and curved
  • Pyramids
  • Natural smoke and heat exhaust
  • Carports
  • Patio coverings
  • Wall and roof refurbishments