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Multi Wall Sheets

Multi Wall sheets can be used in many different ways. They are manufacturable in different thicknesses and widths. Variable width can be produced with closed edges according to customers demand. Standard colour is for all MWS clear. Additional standard colours depending on product type are available.

The different combinable profi les and adapters give versatile construction possibilities. All products are manufacturable in different colours and versions. E. g. the Decocolor/Duocolor versions with “heatbloc“, prevent heat build up in summer and this way have share in energy efficiency of a building. All Multi Wall Sheets are coextruded with a UV-protection layer.


  • quick and easy installation
  • translucent
  • heat-insulating
  • high temperature resistance
  • versatile designing in shape, colour and function
  • good long term performance through UV protection
  • 200 x times tougher than glass
  • Shatter proof


  • Heatbloc-Design (Version DecoColor or DuoColor, depending on product type)
  • Frozen-Design (Version DecoColor, with fibre glass structure on the outer layer of MWS 16-2)