Our MWS system solutions

The different combinable profiles and adapters give versatile construction possibilities. All products are manufacturable in different colours and versions. E. g. the Decocolor/Duocolor versions with “heatbloc“, prevent heat build-up in summer and this way have share in energy efficiency of a building.

Our System “Thermo-Vario“

Our system „Thermo-Vario“ offers 100% thermal separation of aluminium framing system. We offer Thermo-Vario solutions for Multi wall sheets from 10 to 50mm thickness with different adapter profiles and corresponding tooth blade systems. The adapters only need to be pressed up and no additional screwing is required.

Below we show you some systems cross sections of Thermo-Vario systems with different product types to demonstrate you exemplarily how it works for different thicknesses.

System Thermo-Vario for 16mm MWS

Aluminium profile 460060 with gaskets 902904, aluminium adapter 470316 and PC adapter 360061

System Thermo-Vario for 40mm MWS

Aluminium profile 460080 with gaskets 902904, aluminium adapter 470260 and 470332, additionally PC adapter 360061

System with flat gasket strip

  • easy system with minimized material consumption
  • self adhesive support strip in width 60 and 80 mm for clean and easy installation

System flat gasket strip for 10mm MWS

Aluminium profiles 460050 with gaskets 902904 and flat gasket strip 904950

System flat gasket strip for 16mm MWS

Aluminium profiles 460060 with gaskets 902904 and flat gasket strip 904960

Refurbishment glazing bar

  • can be easily plugged onto existing substructures
  • variable adapter combinations for different MWS thicknesses
  • ideally suited for wired glass refurbishments

Polycarbonate installation systems

  • light weight translucent polycarbonate profiles
  • applicable for Multi Wall Sheets from 6 to 16mm thickness

Polycarbonate H-connection profile for MWS

  • Polycarbonate H-connection profile 36067060 for 6mm MWS
  • Polycarbonate H-connection profile 36107060 for 8 and 10mm MWS
  • Polycarbonate H-connection profile 36167060 for 16mm MWS