Ventajas de una mirada


„We make light go through walls“. Translucent facades are economic, functional and aesthetical.


Our light-weight products with their ease of installation will save your time and money.


You get long lasting systems with excellent properties: shock-resistant and heat insulating.


Choose from a wide range of colours or develop with us your individual custom-made colour.


Ecological and sustainable. PC is a multi-purpose resource which can be reused in many processes when recycled.

Multi Purpose

Our Systems offer a solution for almost every application – whether inside or outside, roof or wall!

Custom Made

Your order can be made to measure – saves money and the environment. No unnecessary off-cuts.


Technically comprehensive customer service! We provide advice which system will fit best to your plan.

The objective of Rodeca is to support architects, designers and building owners with their creativity, expertise and innovation. Thanks to creative architecture buildings old and new can be designed providing visually exciting and energy efficient solutions. Our goal is to bring new ideas and innovation to an increasingly saturated market. With us you have a reliable, professional and creative business partner aside providing you cost effective solutions.